Food hacks that save time and give maximum value for money

Nowadays when everything is so hard to come by and also expensive to buy, one needs to be frugal—but not necessarily be a cheapskate. Well, the most important of all is food! One should learn how to avoid wasting precious edible things. 

Presenting food hacks that will prevent food waste and save money!

Preparing and cooking food takes so much time and sometimes it causes us to waste if not cooked properly. We must know how to improvise and find useful ways to save time, and most of all save money when handling and preparing our meals.

Below are some amazing ways to help us maximize the use of everyday ingredients. Read on and learn!

This is how we juice a lemon!

Lemons are very famous ingredients nowadays, what with the influx of lemon water recipes and what not! It is widely used and very expensive. Here is one way of making the most out of your lemons.

In juicing a lemon, first you have to roll the lemon on a flat surface so that it becomes juicier then just pick the end of the lemon with the mound with a hole and squeeze them. Doing this will make you maximize the amount of juice in the lemon.

This is how we spread butter direct from the refrigerator!

Butter is also pricey and we do not want it to go to waste. Sometimes we have difficulty in spreading the butter when it comes directly out of the fridge, and most people would leave it out and wait for it to soften before they spread it on bread. Don’t fret!

Here is a sure fire way of spreading butter without the hassle. You can use the grater! Yes the grater! You just need to grate butter from the fridge so you can spread the butter smoothly and you’re ready to go!

This is how we peel potatoes!

Preparing potatoes usually takes time most especially when you need to peel off the skin. For some it is a very cumbersome task and avoids doing it altogether. One way of peeling the skin off a potato is by first cutting a line in the middle of the skin of the potato then submerge it into a pot of boiling water.

When soft, you take out the potato out of the pot and let it cool just enough for you to hold it with your fingers, and then pull off the skin and voila! the skin is removed whole without you peeling it with a peeler.

Easy way of removing shells from boiled eggs!

Peeling eggs take time too, right? Get a glass container, place the egg inside and shake. Now the egg shells will separate from the egg, once done, you just have to remove the remaining shell on the egg.

Do the same thing you did with the eggs, but this time with garlic!

Get a glass container, place the garlic inside and shake. Now the garlic skin will separate from the garlic, once done, you just have to remove the remaining skin on the garlic. Try it! it really works!

Making bread fresh again

Do you have some bread in your fridge? Make it fresh again by wetting it with water, and putting it in your microwave oven. You’ll fresh bread again in an instant!

Sometimes we just have to be very ingenious in finding ways to make things faster and less expensive. These simple hacks will surely save you a lot of money and is very time efficient too. Be innovative!

These are just few food hacks which will definitely help you, watch the video for more!