For his love for India, this man started running a 10,000 km marathon but tragically fell short by 36 km

Dubbed as “The Faith Runner” and compared to Forrest Gump, 44-year-old Samir Singh set out on April 29 to achieve his goal of running 10,000km in 100 days. When others in the city of Mumbai were all gearing up for the IPL and Champions Trophy, why did Samir decide to embark on this mission in the scorching Mumbai heat?

It was not for money or fame, but simply because the ultra-marathoner couldn’t accept the theory that marathon runners needed a week to recover from one day of running.  While the mere thought of running 100 kms for the next 100 days would make you feel numb, Samir took the task one day at a time knowing that he wouldn’t stop until it was done.

Credit: Facebook | The Faith Runner.

Dressed in a blue sports vest and equipped with a GPS tracker and an emergency phone, Samir spent nearly three months running between the slums of Mumbai and business district. He lived on just Rs 200 a day and enjoyed his meal of rice and spicy lentils after every run. He ran until Sunday, August 6, until exhaustion and illness finally got the better of him.

At the end of his mission, his GPS watch read 9,964.19 km in 100 days falling agonizingly short by 36 kms. Whether the target was met or not, the world is standing to salute this hero whose run was longer than the Great Wall of China (5,500km) and further than the distance from Mumbai to London (7,200km). Mr Singh told that this race was not for him but that he did it for the country, our old warriors, and our rich history. He always wanted to do something different and achieve something unique.

Credit: Facebook | Hindustan Times.

Samir, who is also a running coach, told Hindustan Times: ““People say that the body has limits, my students have complained of being advised against over using their bodies. But according to the holy scriptures, the body has no limit. If you have dreams, your body will take shape accordingly. My experience is testament to the same. God has given us our bodies and our mental capabilities define its limitations”.

Credit: Facebook | The Faith Runner.