World-War II veteran gets a big hug and kiss from a lion, thus fulfilling his life-long wish!

A decorated veteran of World War II finally gets his wish, as he brushes whiskers with a young lion.

Jim has always been a lover of all animals, but has had a special fondness for lions in particular. He had always wished for the opportunity to actually come face-to-face with one, or even to touch one. He may have got more than he bargained for however, when he finally got his wish just recently.

It seemed this lion was just as eager to express its own fondness toward Jim, as he was greeted with a big hug, and lick on the cheek. Content, the big cat then nestled down comfortably upon the veteran’s feet.

It’s not everyday that you get kissed by a cat this big!

Youtube Screenshot

And how about a big lion hug to go along with that?

Youtube Screenshot

Even a big predator has its affectionate side.

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Let’s see the veteran’s memories with the big cat.

This was certainly a memorable moment for Jim, hopefully one he will have to keep for many years to come!