Chinese authorities sentence son of disgraced northeastern official

Zhang Yuan, the son of a former Chinese official in Northeast China, has been sentenced along with his jailed father for aiding in his corruption. He will serve three years in prison and pay a 500,000-yuan (about $72,000) fine.

Placed under investigation by the Communist Party’s discipline commission in 2015, Zhang Jiacheng had been in charge of jails, labor camps, and the justice department in Liaoning Province. At his trial that September, he was charged with abusing his authority in these capacities.

Zhang’s illicit activities, as listed by the court, included swaying business contracts, and using the sentencing and parole system to cover for his associates. He was also found guilty of accepting bribes and embezzling state funding.

Like many fallen Chinese officials, and while not mentioned by the authorities, Zhang Jiacheng took a lead role committing massive human rights abuses against the banned Falun Gong spiritual practice.

“Zhang Jiacheng presided over the provincial security apparatus in Liaoning during a period of extreme brutality,” reported Epoch Times, a sister media to NTD Television, in 2015. “Under Zhang’s tenure, the persecution of Falun Gong in Liaoning became one of the most severe in the nation.”

According to Epoch Times, human rights reports and investigations show that Zhang was personally involved with directing prison guards in torturing Falun Gong practitioners, and helped oversee the industry of forced organ harvesting from this living bank of unwilling donors.
(NTD News)