With this trick you can chop food like a true chef!

The following instruction will show you how to use your knife most effectively, how you need to hold your knife and where you need to put your hand.

In order to become good at using knives you need to know which kind of knives you need to use, how to sharpen them and how to properly hold the fruits and vegetables.

These tips will help you:

1. You need to choose the correct knife

2. You need to choose a surface for cutting

3. Use your dominant hand when you hold the knife and hold as if you want to shake hands with it

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4. The tip of the knife should be held down to the cutting board

You need to also take care and maintain your knives in order to not let them become blunt.

Here are some hints:

1. The knives should be washed with warm water

2. The knives should be stored on a magnetic metal rack

3. The knives should be sharpened regularly so that they can cut properly