NFL Player’s two-year-old son sings the American national anthem at a high school game

In 2016, Trent Harris was rated number 43 out of 188 college football players who were entering the NFL draft. Trent can bench 225 pounds, weighs 250 pounds, and is 6-feet 2-inches tall.  Harris plays for the Bengals now, has played in games with up to 70,000 people in the stadium, and is doing well in the NFL.

But on this day, nobody cared much about Trent Harris’s football career. They were more interested in his son, Clark Harris.

Clark is two-years-old and was invited to sing the American National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner” at Southern Regional High School. Southern’s varsity basketball team was playing a game against Pinelands Regional High School, and those two teams had some pretty amazing star talent among them – just like Clark’s dad.

No one really cared too much about them either, at least before the game started and Clark took center court to sing.

You see, Clark is two. Two years of his life have come and now gone. Clark’s moved on to other things now but when a boy who has only spent 24 months on our earth has the courage to get out in front of a large crowd and sing the best-known anthem in the world, that’s really special. Add to that, that the “Star Spangled banner” is, ironically, one of the most difficult anthems to sing. Many professional singers and entertainers have fallen flat in more ways than one when they have made the same attempt that Clark does in this video! Congratulations Clark – respect!

Source: NFL player’s 2-year-old son belts out national anthem by Jpuff123 on Rumble.