Stowaway cat stuns pilot in mid-air, becomes mascot after landing

While pilots have to carry out several safety checks before taking flight, spotting stray cats lurking in the wings certainly isn’t one of them.

So when Romain Jantot glanced to his left shortly after take off a cat was the least expected stowaway. Flying an ultralight plane hundreds of meters above the ground in Kourou, French Guiana is something you might enjoy. It’s probably not that easy with a cat in the wing. Because of this Romain had to return to the airport quickly.

Seeing a cat precariously placed on the wing, he received the fright of his life. However the cat appeared remarkably unphased by the whole ordeal. Luckily she managed to stay still until the plane was back on ground.

The video has since gone viral on Jantot’s YouTube account, racking up more than 19 million views at the time of writing. Jantot cheekily captioned the footage: “The cat’s fine, it continued its application for the flying club mascot role.”