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Guinea pigs, one of the world’s cutest critters

Small and fluffy, guinea pigs are the embodiment of cuteness! Especially when they unknowingly re-enact that famous pasta scene


How cheese is made? The Manufacturing Process

Cheese is a fermented food derived from the milk of various mammals. Since humans began to domesticate milk-producing animals


Baby duck shares his food with fish

It’s not an elderly duck who offers us some valuable lessons in kindness as well. No it is a


Japanese food samples: Look so REAL!

Takio Iwasaki (1895-1965) is the inventor of shokuhin sampuru, the lifelike food models that appear in restaurant displays throughout


Who knew defrosting fruits and vegetables could be so satisfying to watch

Thawing something out on the kitchen it is a rather mundane experience, or is it? What started as an experiment


You can cook steak in a steel mill too

Steel workers use to throw steaks onto red rod steel which would char them on the outside within seconds


3 Ways to Cook Chinese Dumplings

Everyone loves Chinese dumplings, but did you know there are several different ways to cook them? You can steam

Ordering Food in Chinese Resturants

Ordering Food in Chinese Resturants

In this episode Ben is joined by Cici Li, host of Food Paradise, to go over some essential Mandarin


How to Ask for Western Food in China

Follow Ben on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/benhedgesntd In this episode we learn the essential vocabulary needed to buy western food in

Fusion cuisine at the Sun Moon Restaurant in Nantou, Taiwan. (Taiwan Tourism Bureau)

Join in Taiwan’s ‘Era of Pure Food’

The diverse and vibrant food culture of Taiwan is going on show this August at the annual Taiwan Culinary

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