What this father did to help his cancer-scarred son regain confidence is heartwarming

A father has gone to extraordinary lengths to show his love and support for his sick young son. After the boy got brain surgery to treat his cancer, his dad got a tattoo on his head matching the left-over scar.


When Gabriel Marshall from Kansas, US, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor in March 2015, the resulting surgery left him with a sizeable scar on the side of his head.

So to boost his son’s confidence, Gabriel’s father Josh “J-Mash” Marshall decided to do the most amazing thing: he got his son’s scar tattooed on his own head to show his solidarity.


“Wow I never imagined this picture would blow up like it did,” wrote Josh on his Facebook page after the news spread.


The image has recently gone viral as people everywhere show their respect for this truly inspirational father and his brave son. It originally appeared on an Instagram account called Aesthetic Revolution alongside a caption that reads: “One’s a real scar. One is a tattoo to show support and make him feel normal. Father of the year?” We don’t think there’s any question about that.

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