20 incredibly creative bookshelves you have got to see

If you don’t read books and don’t care about the bookshelves, don’t be too quick to close this article. Just think about it. What impression does a room full of books make? That’s right! It will immediately make you look smarter!

Just make sure to put some smart books about topics you barely understand like quantum physics, advanced mathematics or neuroscience. Of course, you might run into a problem if someone smart tries to discuss about something you have in your library.  But then, that’s the risk you have to take.
Now that we agree that it’s essential to have a bookshelf, let’s take a look at some of the most creative designs out there. Which one would you choose?

1. The Invisible Book Shelf

“This book shelf, which holds up to 15 pounds, screws directly into a wall stud and presto – you have an invisible book shelf! The maximum stack height is 16-Inches. All hardware is included, so all you need is a screwdriver. The Conceal Book Shelf, which has already won design awards, is innovative, inspirational and imaginative.” (Designer: Miron Lior) (buy)

2. Industrial Corner Pipe Shelf

“The Corner Industrial Bookshelf is a great conversation piece turning heavy iron piping into a modern urban look that will add a sense of history and character to any space.” (Designer: KKatz)

3. Cutshelves

This unique solution lets you find your favorite book at night without waking up the whole family. (Designer: Tembolat Gugkaev)

4. Malagana: Equilibrium Bookcase

These are pretty cool. Like juggling blocks!

“With its cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single angled point, Equilibrium is a unique furniture piece that immediately catches attention by creating a sense of amusement and surprise. While its compartments seem to float in the air, Equilibrium can hold over 120 Lbs of weight.  It allow you to keep the books and magazines organized in a natural tilted position, so no need for bookends.” (Designer: Alejandro Gomez)

5. Handmade Stacked Teacup Shelve

A cup of tea and a good read do go well together, which makes it easy to fall in love with this stacked teacup bookshelf. (Designer: Scott Blackwell)

6. Has been Read / Will be Read

“Simple way of organizing your books as “has been read” and “will be read”. With an ordinary book shelf, the books tend to get mixed up. But this way you can plan your reading well.  Aim of “TarGetBooks” design is based on this point.” Designer: Mebrure Oral

7. Booktree

If you’re the romantic type and long for summer afternoon readings out in the park, the Booktree shelves will help you recapture the feeling. (Designer: Kostas Syrtariotis)

8. Bookworm Shelf

“The Kartell Bookworm Shelf designed by Ron Arad combines an artist’s creativity with great technology. A careful analysis of extrusion technology has allowed the creation of this curvy bookcase.  The artistic shape makes no  compromise on strength and functionality. A bookcase design of industrial scale that can rightfully be considered the world’s most daring and revolutionary.” (Designer: Ron Arad)

9. Check

“The object that shows the meaning and importance of a book through the V–shape, that is often used in checking, is used as the bookshelf.” (Designer: Jongho Park)

10. K Workstation

“K Workstation incorporates Bamboo laminated plywood for efficient space management. The folding curved shape creates shelving and desk space within one working unit. K Workstation has each segment separate for easy fabrication process and transportation, yet it can be configured with multiple possibilities.” (Designer: MisoSoupDesign)

11. Bookseat

“The Bookseat is a simple bookcase that curves and becomes a seat. The creative design is a response to the advent of multifunctional spaces in today’s urban living. Noted as one of the “ten must sees” at Toronto International Design Show 2008, and awarded for best Design at Montreal’s International Design Show, SIDIM, 2008.” (Designer: fishbol)

12. Kulma Bookshelf

“Kulma, means a corner in Finnish, is a shelf to be hanged either in a positive or a negative corner of a room. The idea is to utilize and highlight both the space within the shelf and the space surrounding the shelf.” (Designer: Martina Carpelan)

13. Letterkast

What better describes reading and writing in the most basic way, if not … a  group of letters? A witty and stylish bookshelf is designed by Pieter de Leeuw.

14. CTline

From a particular angle, this construction looks nothing like a bookshelf, but rather a minimalistic art installation. As the shelves are constructed diagonally, you can see the books from one side only. (Designer: Victor Vasilev)

15. Tatic

Super cool. This original combination of an armchair and a bookshelf allows you to reach for a new book even without getting up. (Designer: Tembolat Gugkaev)

16. Read Your Bookcase

Nominated as the Selected Design in the Young & Design 2010, this stylish bookshelf will always work as a good reminder to read what you have placed in it. (Designers: Eva Alessandrini & Roberto Saporiti)

17. Shelf Life Unit or Room Divider

“Shelving unit or room divider in lacquered LDF (low density MDF) with removable chair and side table. Shelflife’s striking angular appearance belies a practical functionality. Angular shelves prevent books from toppling, while the chair and table provide the convenience to browse the collection.” (Designer: Charles Trevelyan)

18. Equation Bookshelf

“Equation Bookshelf is a simple idea of to group your books in say, a priority order. You may put together the books  you need immediately or the more important ones between (parentheses)! Set others between [square brackets] and {braces}.” (Designer: Marcos Breder)

19. Dream Bookshelf

“Daydreaming is an indulgence most of us never grow out of, but don’t have much time for. Stay inspired and remind yourself to dream with Dripta Roy’s Dream Bookshelf. Straight out of comic mags and up on your wall, this bubble will hold the tales you treasure the most and showcase the trinkets you cherish.” (Designer: Dripta Roy)

20. Ousama Bookshelf

“Ousama bookshelf is another design by Dripta Roy to create some fun in the consumer’s life.” (Designer: Dripta Roy)

So tell us. Which one is YOUR favorite?

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