This junkyard dog walks 4 miles every day to feed its homeless animal friends… Just an incredible story!

A street dog, named Lilica, living in a Brazilian junkyard has been caught on video risking it’s life to provide her extended homeless animal family – a collection of  dog, some chickens, a mule, and some cats.

The precious dog, Lilica, has spent the last three years traveling four miles down the dangerous Brazilian roads full of traffic each night to the home of animal lover Lucia, who gives the dog a bag of food she specially makes for it every day.

Then this incredible and selfless pooch then turns around with food packet in its mouth and it travels back to her home in a São Carlos junkyard, where a hungry animals all share the food brought by this saintly canine with hearts full of gratitude.

“An animal sharing things with other animals is a lesson. A lesson for us,” says Lucia in the video.

This selfless canine,who was abandoned at a São Carlos junkyard that then became her home, travels each night to get food for it’s extended animal family.

“I realised that she ate some of the food and stops and then it stares at the food in the bag,” Lucia says in the video.

A neighbor suggested to Lucia that Lilica might be staring at the bag because she wanted to take it home with her. When Lucia tied up the bag a miracle happened, the dog quickly grabbed the food packet in its mouth went away.

“From then on, that’s how we did it,” stunned by the unbelievable occurrence, Lucia says, while talking about their nightly meetings at which takes place at 9:30 pm.

 Lilica first eats some of the food herself before starting her journey back home, to feed others. Upon Lilica’s return to her junkyard, the real magic begins: the motherly dog drops her bag of food and the animals descend on the bag eating and sharing taking turns at the food.

Food for everyone! Lilica’s extended family of chickens, dogs, cats, and a mule all get a little bit of food thanks to her generous spirit.


The extraordinary story of this junkyard dog is truly inspiring. If there ever was a saint in the canine world Lilica would definitely qualify for it.

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