One guys’ amusing reaction to sighting a unidentified flying object

The existence of UFOs have always been a controversial topic. When we hear “UFO” we almost immediately think “aliens”. But UFO officially means “Unidentified Flying Object” – which is not necessarily an aircraft of alien origin. And while many of us have heard about UFO, not many is familiar with the term IFO – Identified Flying Object. That’s right – most of the UFOs become IFOs – they usually are classified as being honest mis-identifications of natural phenomena like meteors, comets, or civil aircraft, experimental military aircraft, or other prosaic explanations like satellites, weather balloons, birds, reflections and other abnormalities.

The real UFO comprise around 6% of all UFO sightings. And this also doesn’t mean they necessarily are alien aircraft. Some people believe that the UFOs are really extraterrestrials visiting Earth. This could be of course true, after all we can never be sure. There are a lot of people who believe in the existence of UFOs in the USA, and around the world. Some of them have been fortunate enough to see an UFO. Of course reactions to such sightings can vary from person to person. For example this guy here went a bit hysterical.


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