Swing through a waterfall without getting wet

It looks like any regular swing, but once you’ve swung skyward glance back you’ll find a waterfall. Continue swinging back and forth, through the waterfall – yet you won’t get wet.


The water swing will keep your kids cheering and without becoming a sopping mess. The spectacular swing is a unique and lovely summer attraction found in many city parks. Here’s how it works: The water continuously cycles through 273 solenoid valves, each being independently controlled. Positioned atop the structure they then create a waterfall-like wall of water. A collection pool beneath the swing will pump the water up to the solenoids via a large pipe.


Sensors mounted on the swing gather data on the speed and angle of each swing. A computer then calculates exact timing and sends it to the solenoid valves, thus each swinger will remain dry by swinging through a hole just the right size.

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