EXCLUSIVE: Director Chris Nahon, Harry Chang & Randy Lim

The beauty of Jinju has attracted many talented young professionals such as French movie director, Chris Nahon, who along with his cast including Taiwanese actor Harry Chang, Korean actor Randy Lim have recently visited the festive city of Jinju. He and his team attended the 2016 Korean Drama Awards ceremony while getting in on all the festivities of the Lantern Festival which is one of the things that the city is known for.

Nahon is renowned for his 2001 Hollywood movie “Kiss of Dragon” and “Blood: The Last Vampire.” This time, he came to Jinju to look for and film for his next movie project titled “The Algebra of Death”. When Hyesoo came to visit Jinju, she met with Chris and the cast along the beautiful Jingyang lake. Let’s hear about their journey to Jinju so far and what they think of this beautiful city.

Jinju Chris Nahon

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