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Jinju is located at the South of Korea in Gyeongnam. And along with its river, Jinju is one of the most beautiful and iconic cities in Korea. It has a breathtaking scenic view with many tourist attractions such as Jinjuseong Fortress, Chokseongnu Pavilion, The Jinju National Museum and of course, the Jinyang lake among many others. Today, Hyesoo traveled to the city of Jinju to meet with the Mayor of Jinju, Lee Changxi and see what the city has to offer…
Jinju mayor with Hyesoo
Jinju is designated for Jinju in Koryeo dynasty for the first time. It is more than a thousand years for using the name Jinju. Historically, in 1592 during Imjinwaeran (Japanese invasion of Korea) 20 thousands of large Japanese force invaded Jinju and 3800 Jinju soldiers guarded and won the battle just at this place.JINJU

Selected as one of the 50 Beautiful Places to Visit in Korea (by CNN), Chokseongnu Pavilion is one of the 3 major pavilions in Korea. It’s gracefully situated on a cliff near the Namgang River, forms part of an impressive scenic view in harmony with the river, Uiam Rock and Jinjuseong Fortress. The pavilion, so-named because it stands high on a cliff, was normally used as a place for civil magistrates to take examinations and as a command post during wartime.

Since ancient days, silk processed in Jinju has been known for its superior quality, which is a result of the combination of natural and human resources. Silk factories in Jinju annually produce 70% of the country’s silk. And what makes Jinju silk so special is its soft texture, refined feeling and elegant colors due to its superior dyeing techniques.


Mayor: Korea’s beauty is delicate. Also the beauty of emptiness. It is not that fancy and dense, but I think it is coming from a blank space and can think of it. Namgang Yudeung Festival shows that really well. We float lanterns not densely but sparsely so that people can get relaxed and have a time for thinking. I think Korea’s beauty is about emptiness and its related to Jinju’s beauty.

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