LEE YEON-BOK: Top Chinese Korean Celebrity Chef

Lately in Korea, whenever you turn on the television, you’d see all kinds of food and cooking shows as you flip through different channels. Remember in the old days, when K-drama heartthrobs had to be tall, rich and hot? Well, nowadays they are winning your heart not just by their looks, they have to show off some fancy cooking skills too! That’s right, Korea television is being taken over by a new trend – the “tropical storm of top notch gourmet”!Lee YeonBok Chinese food

Chef Lee Yeon-Bok’s restaurant in Korea is called “Mulan”, a name that many would know as the ancient Chinese female heroine. Why did Chef Lee choose to name the restaurant “Mulan”?

Lee YeonBok Chinese food
He is “the youngest head chef that ever worked for the Taipei Mission in Korea”; “It takes at least one month of advanced reservation to get a seat in his restaurant, even for celebrities”; “he is a chef‭ ‬who has lost his sense of smell”! He is Lee Yeon Bok – a Chinese Korean celebrity chef…

Lee YeonBok dumplings

Hyesoo: You have been a chef for more than 40 years. What would you say are your guiding principles for life?Lee YeonBok with Hyesoo

Chef Lee: First is to spend as much time in the restaurant as I can. And then I have some enduring principles, I do not smoke, I do not eat breakfast, and I drink alcohol very moderately. And I try to create a pleasant environment with my staff every day. These are my principles…

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