Making Pierre Herme’s Ispahan Macarons in Pierre Hermé’s Kitchen

Pierre Hermé is known as the “Picasso of Pastries” whose innovative flavors on macaroons established haute couture pastry in France. Coming from a family of pastry chefs, Pierre Hermes began his culinary training early, learning the importance of precision and focus when baking. Using his depth of knowledge on ingredients, he enjoys combining different textures and flavors, such as pistachio with raspberry or lime with espelette pepper.

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Pierre Hermé’s Ispahan Recipe

During the interview, we baked his renowned “Ispahan” consisting of raspberries, roses, and lychees. Chef Hermé also spoke of the artistic collaborations and the future plans for his desserts.

ispahan1Pierre Hermé is known as the “Picasso of Pastries” in France. Today Hyesoo is trying her baking tutorial of making Pierre Herme’s famous Ispahan macaroons with his assistant Manon in Paris. Ispahan is one of the world’s most luxurious desserts.ispahan0

The Ispahan consists of two macaroon shells, a rose butter cream, fresh raspberries and lychee.


The first step starts with making the macaroon shells. The ingredient are syrup, egg whites, food coloring and Tant Pour Tant. First of all, to make the almond paste, we need to mix the egg whites and food coloring to the Tant Pour Tant. And to make the Italian Meringue, we pour the syrup to the egg whites and wait for 10 minutes to finish mixing. Then we pour the Italian Meringue to the almond paste and blend them well till the kneading is done. Then we use the pastry bag to pipe to sheets.


Hyesoo is very nervous and worried about if she can make the macaroon shell well. Leave the baking sheets at room temperature for 20-30 minutes and then bake it at 160∘C for 20 minutes.


Making the filling. We need English butter cream, milk, water, sugar, egg yolks and unsalted butter. Put the egg yolks and sugar into the boiled milk and keep whipping at the heat of 85∘C.


Pierre Hermé usually uses rose essence and it’s very organic.


Add the filling. Use the pastry bag to put on the filling onto the macaroon shell. Add the raspberries from outside in and the lychees in between and cover with another macaroon shell.


Decorate the macaroon with real eatable roses.


This Ispahan is really a piece of art. For the finishing touch, Pierre Hermé’s logo. Try to make it by yourself.


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