South African children dancing—a glimpse of the unique culture

You might not be familiar with South African culture, and the five videos of South African children and youth dances below may give you a glimpse of their unique culture, tradition, and entertainment.

African dances are mostly participatory. Traditionally, there are no barriers between dancers and spectators. Onlookers can be part of the performance.

In the videos, we see all the young dancers and kids around them look happy and enjoy the dancing very much. Dancers perform with live music—kids around the performers sing and clap, and sometimes play simple instrument like drums, for the dancers.

Watch the videos and enjoy the happy performances!

#1: South African children dancing

Children dancing for Pauls group.

#2: Zulu Kids Dancing

The footage is recorded in KwaZulu-Natal

#3: Best dance moves of all time (African school kids dance) 2014

#4: Traditional Dance and Gumboot Competition, South Africa

School competition in Traditional Dance and Gumboot Dance in Borolelo (Swartruggens), Nort-West, South Africa. It is a traditional way of setswana dancing.
Students from Thebe Ya Tlhajwa Secondary High School, Koffiekraal (North-West Province).

#5: Young boys and girls dance in South Africa (Cape Town)

Kids dance at Green market Square, Cape Town, South Africa


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