Art of pottery to calm the mind

There is something magical in the turning movements of the material that is being molded into artwork. We recently reported on carving in wood in order to make bowls crafted from pencils. Those bowls were made with a technique of wood turning, which as the artist himself said is “extremely therapeutic.” The same can be said about the art of pottery. It has the same calming effects – it synergies the mind and body, which requires great focus while giving you an opportunity to free your creativity. These are perfect conditions to attain the state of “flow,” which is by many psychologists considered one of the most pleasurable states of mind.

Below we can admire the work one of the finest pottery makers and been certified as a “Master of Traditional Craftsman” – Mr.Shimizu Genji (Hokujo) at his atelier in Tokoname creating famous Tokoname teapots. Even just watching the process of making pottery has a calming effect:

Pottery has many more benefits besides relaxing the mind. This activity is truly enriching:

  • It is a creative endeavor – it gives you a creative outlet for expressing yourself. Through art a person can release all what’s inside herself which is very therapeutic. It gives you a opportunity to learn about yourself through that process.
  • Improve focus – as we have said pottery requires a strong focus on the present activity, which enables you to escape from all the everyday worries of life and just be in the moment. This is also named mindfulness and it’s recognized by scientists as beneficial for the well being of any person.
  • Reduces stress – a byproduct of improved focus and state of “flow” is that the stress levels go down. Outside distractions are reduced and no longer stress you out.
  • Improved fine motor skills – pottery can can improve motor skills by engaging arm and hand muscles. Also fine motor skills are getting better because working with clay requires hand-eye coordination. This can be beneficial for those troubled by arthritis as it requires joint movement and dexterity.
  • Could potentially become an artifact – many of the archaeological finds are creations of pottery due to the good preserving properties of clay. This means your artwork could last forever and even become a message for future civilizations! If you don’t believe in such things, then at least your work will stay at your home so that you could show it your friends when they make you a visit. Your artwork can be also a fantastic gift for any occasion.
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