Aerial footage of previously unknown Amazon tribe

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Survival’s film narrated by Gillian Anderson shows aerial footage of one of the world’s last uncontacted tribes. As the aircraft hovers overhead, tribe members painted in red carrying bow and arrows pointed directly at the plane is a clear symbol of “not welcome.” Their symbolic gesture is understandable. They are a part Earth’s last uncontacted tribes from the Envira region in the rainforest along the Brazilian-Peruvian land.

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The thought of never having any contact with the outside world is hard to imagine. But the footage gives us insight into a living history of incredibly intriguing proportions. The film footage reveals evidence of gardens, giving an indication of what they eat. Also, we see how they used shelters, their language, and how their societal behaviors operate.

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They have been earth’s most vulnerable people with many believing they did not exist. Now that we have proof there are efforts to preserve their culture and protect them from Peruvian illegal logging that threatens their environment.

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