The inspiring story of Bowen and the lucky family that adopted him

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When Devon Toomey first saw a picture of Bowen, he was still a baby. She fell in love with the Serbian boy living in an orphanage and fell in love with him all over again when she and her husband visited Bowen in that orphanage, despite an environment which left him laying in his crib 22-hours each day. But, they could not take their eyes off of the boy that was soon to become their adopted son.

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Bowen was abandoned as a baby. He was born with no arms and no legs. When he first came to the Toomey family he could not sit.  Now, he climbs the stairs, feeds himself, ski’s and swims. Bowen’s father says that they allow him to figure out how to solve problems others may not encounter. “We give him enough leeway to fail until he stumbles across a way that works for him,” his dad said.

Bowen is a happy kid, loved immensely, and is fiercely protected by his brothers.

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