Shen Yun touches ballet dancer’s heart with ‘ethereal’ performance


World-renowned Chinese classical dance company Shen Yun had its opening night in Phoenix, Arizona,  on March 14.

Cheryl Miller, a former ballet dancer, had wanted to see the show since she saw its colorful promotional poster a while back. However, the show’s tickets sold out quickly in several cities.

She was finally able to see the show this year in Phoenix, and found the experience unforgettable.

“I just thought that was absolutely superb. It was amazing, absolutely amazing,” she said.

“I felt like I was in a dream. Everything was just floating and flowing, so beautiful. I love the costumes. And I know how difficult it is to move and make it look soft and easy as they were making it look.

Miller especially appreciated the techniques of the dancers, who she said delivered a flawless performance.

“If there were mistakes you couldn’t see them. I love to watch the way they move their arms. Their feet were beautiful, the way they floated across the stage. Everything was just so ethereal. It was just lovely. I was just mesmerized,” she said.

The show’s unique backdrop also caught her attention.

“It was just magnificent. It made you feel like you were in China, in Tibet. I’ve never seen such beauty. I would love to be there,” said Miller.   

As a dancer herself, Miller found the show and its messages particularly moving.

“That is beauty and that is love. That is what we should feel in this life, and they imparted that to me,” she said.  

“Being a dancer myself, my whole body was involved, I was feeling it. I felt like I was on the stage. When that happens to me, I know that I’m seeing something really great.”

Miller said the performers in Shen Yun broke the barriers of language. She hopes to see the show again when it returns.  

“Even though I couldn’t speak the language, I knew what they were saying. It was magnificently performed,” she said

“I’m not going to miss any of them, I will return.”

Shen Yun will be performing in Phoenix until March 19.


(NTD Staff)