A new eco-friendly hotel built from freight containers

A new eco-friendly boutique hotel with a minimalistic design, built with dozens of freight containers, opened its doors for tourists at Gudauri ski resort in Georgia—some 125 miles (200 km) from the country’s capital Tbilisi.

The building features square room-modules, which are arranged on different levels. They are then connected to each other with open passages.

The owner of the hotel, Irakli Eristavi, along with its designer, Sandro Ramishvili, said that the idea was to build a venue that will be in harmony with nature and fit into the environment.

The hotel has already experienced an influx of tourists due to its excellent location and stunning, panoramic mountain views from  every room.

“Of course, it is interesting for everyone, every passing vehicle stops here—they take pictures, people come into the building, ask us how it works. As for comfort, of course, we tried our best to make it comfortable,” Eristavi told Reuters.

Situated at altitudes over 6,500 feet (2,000 meters) above the sea level, Gudauri is one of Georgia’s best ski resorts, attracting thousands of tourists from around the country and abroad.

Some visitors said the container-hotel is a good alternative to other available housing options.

“We take it as a place where we feel comfortable, with great logistics, where children feel comfortable among all these staircases. They (children), for example, don’t like a luxurious hotel at a ski resort. They want to be in a place that feels like home. And they do feel like at home here in these small houses,” said a guest from Moscow, Karina Bagdasaryan.

The hotel offers single and double rooms as well as two-room apartments—all made of reused shipping containers.

The project is unique for Georgia and the hotel’s architect said there is no demand for buildings like this in the South Caucasian country.

“Many architects have good ideas, although the demand for such buildings, which are extravagant to a certain extent, which I like a lot as they are not typical, the demand is very low in our country,” Sandro Ramishvili said.

The owners plan to build a swimming pool and arrange yoga classes at their venue for the next skiing season.



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