Milan audiences touched by Shen Yun’s profound message


Shen Yun Performing Arts concluded its performances in Milan, Italy, on March 13.

The world-renowned classical Chinese dance group sold out for all three shows.

Audiences were particularly moved by the deeper messages behind the performance.

“The message is harmony and sweetness, which in this ravaged world is very needed. Also the discipline, I can see that everyone is flawlessly coordinated to inch—perfect. There must be so much work and sacrifices behind it, that only the love these guys have. Otherwise it can’t be done,” said Daniela Javarone, President of Milan Association Friends of Lyric.

“I find the show truly magnificent that comes out from the heart with serenity. It would be good if all the world could be like this. It’s a hope that stays in your heart.”

“This show is truly extraordinary because it gives you aspects of authentic Chinese culture, which has been eliminated in China and it cannot emerge. It’s important to reclaim Lao Zi and Taoism’s concepts. Chinese medicine are also based on these principles,” said Sergio Perini, a doctor of Chinese medicine.

Shen Yun will be performing next in Berlin, Germany, in May.


(NTD Staff)