Shen Yun delights Italian audiences with unique orchestra


New York based Shen Yun Performing Arts made the first stop of its European tour in Milan, Italy. There, the world renowned classical Chinese dance group sold out three shows in row.

Cristian Anzinger, a violinist and instructor at a local music conservatory, was deeply moved by the show’s music.

“When I teach at the conservatory I talk a lot about the spirituality of music. These days, spirituality is increasingly disappearing. And I think that also in China spirituality lost ground. This  [spirituality] is a great sign of a higher civilization, a more humane and peaceful one,” said Anzinger in Italian.

“[The orchestra from the technical point of view is] interesting, because there is fusion of the West with the East and I saw colleagues in the orchestra who are Western and also Chinese. We Westerners can learn a lot from the Eastern culture, because the roots are very deep and come from the beginning of Creation, we almost forgot, instead they have this atavistic way to remember certain things that we forgot,” he added.

“It’s not only teaching a lesson, it is a great sign and a big hope for the whole world.”

Anzinger said Shen Yun was defined by “beauty,” and the “movement of unity between body and soul.”

Shen Yun is performing next in France and Belgium.


(NTD Staff)