Shen Yun impresses audience in Phoenix, Arizona.


Shen Yun performed its fourth show Phoenix, Arizona on March 18th.

Audience members were impressed with the quality of the performance.

“It’s actually so beautiful! I used to dance, I grew up doing dance, and I really appreciate everything that they are doing with the performances. They are telling stories and you feel like you are almost in another dreamland.” –  said Olivia Perkins, a general manager in a local company.

“Because I know how much they have to practice to even get into all the formations and then also make sure that they are all simultaneous on it. So I am very impressed.” – she added.

“I was surprised and now I am actually even more surprised because I felt the performance was so pleasing. I feel joyous, I feel good!” – shared Linda Avanzato, a business consultant.

“It was said before the performer played her two-string instrument that music was considered something for healing. And I thought that was very meaningful because the whole performance could be seen that way.” – she added.

Coming to the performance was a birthday gift for Jimmy Groves.

“With the combination of the technology and the old styles of dance – it’s a good blend. It’s not one-sided. Very bright! The colors, the dancing, it opens up the visual senses.” – he said.


(NTD Staff)