Shen Yun draws praise from Santa Barbara audiences


Shen Yun’s performances in Santa Barbara ended with a flourish on March 26, drawing praise from audience members.

Tanya Thicke, actress and wife of the late actor Alan Thicke, star of television show Growing Pains, was among those in attendance. She complimented the show for its artistry.

“The choreography was amazing and the talent that these artists have on stage, the acrobats that they do is really phenomenal,” she said.

“The acrobats, the costumes, the colors, the music and the orchestra was really fantastic. It was wonderful, beautiful show.”

Thicke also enjoyed the orchestra in particular, which featured a combination of western and Chinese instruments.

“It was beautiful, the combination was fantastic. I thought the orchestra did a great job, I wish I could have seen how many people were in that orchestra,” she said.

She thought the show brought an important message of kindness and compassion to the world.

“I felt it was more artistic, and good natured and always teaching us to be good people which I think is important around the world. What makes this particular show stand out is the fact that it’s such a beautiful, artistic Chinese culture. And it was wonderful to see that here today,” said Thicke.

“If you want to see a beautiful show and be well entertained and listen to an amazing orchestra, watch these fantastic artists on stage, I highly recommend it.”

Shen Yun will be performing next in Thousand Oaks and Claremont in California.