2NE1’s Sandara Park Starring in Korean Movie One Step

Sandara Park is making a comeback in the movie scene as she stars in a Korean movie entitled 「One Step」.


After making us laugh in 「Can This Be Love,」 「D’ Lucky Ones,」 and many others, it looks like Sandara Park is ready to pull our heartstrings again. In the movie, she plays 「Si-Hyeon,」 a woman who lost her memory in a car accident and is on a journey to retrieve her past through melodies.


After being involved in a car accident, Si-hyun (Sandara Park) is left with no memories of the accident or her past. The accident causes her to see sounds in color which is often disorientating, forcing Si-hyun to protect her ears. She encounters Ji-won (Hong Ah-reum) in the hospital and moves in with her when she is later discharged. Upon hearing Si-hyun humming a strange melody in her sleep, Ji-won’s brother, Woo-hyuk (Han Jae-suk), writes it down as a score and gives it to her, hoping that it would help her remember something of her former life.

%e5%9b%9e%e9%9f%b3_onestep_%e5%8a%87%e7%85%a71Meanwhile, Jee-il, a failed songwriter stumbles upon this score and offers to find the melody. They embark on a healing journey as they collaborate to complete Si-hyun’s melody.

Watch the video (*CC for English subtitles):

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