Shen Yun wins praise from the audience in Claremont, California


Shen Yun performed in Claremont, California, and won praise from the audience. They said that each artist in Shen Yun is a star, everyone is in top shape and very expressive.

“Everything was so artistic. It was very breathtaking,” said Desiree Barrientos, a nurse.

“Awe inspiring! My mouth was open,” said Lorena Urzua, a teacher.

“It was beautiful. The colors and music, it was very inspiring, and every performer was excellent!” said Melanie McGovern, a teaching assistant. She also added: “They are incredible! I don’t know how long they’ve trained but they are excellent! They are at their peak and there is not one who isn’t a star.”

“It’s absolutely marvelous, it’s beyond what I thought it would be. It’s beautiful,” said Roberta Lee, insurance company owner.

Karla Kelly, a jazz singer, commented on the live orchestra,

“I had attention on that quite a few times on how good it was.”  

Audience member Stephanie Vitug was very moved by the performance, “It’s beautiful, inspiring, and it really touched my soul.”

“I could feel it resonate in my heart and in my soul and it just gave me a sense of awe and wonder. It was very peaceful. To see the message of compassion and what they are wanting to send out into the world of peace and beauty and love, and the connection of you know … um. Dance and music touch all cultures so I think the message that it is sending out is one of beauty and love and compassion and peace for all of us,” she added.

Shen Yun will perform next in Costa Mesa, California on April 5-9.