World’s largest display of miniatures spans 49,000 square feet in Times Square

The world’s largest display of miniatures will open to the public in New York City’s Times Square on April 6 (Thursday).

Gulliver’s Gate is a collection of 300 miniature cities from around the world, spanning 49,000 square feet. More than 600 international artists participated in the $40 million project. The miniatures portray iconic buildings and landscapes from five continents. Some of the pieces are hand-crafted while others are 3-D printed.

“People will have a sense of awe in the ability and what people have to create,” said Michael Langer, founder and vice president of Gulliver’s Gate. “The magic of Gulliver’s Gate is exposed. There is no illusion here. It’s really ingenuity, it’s the technology, it’s the architecture, it’s the innovation and it’s the sweat of many different types of disciplines of artistry and the work that they put in to Gulliver’s Gate and how they did that.”

The exhibit will also have an interactive 3-D printing experience where visitors can create miniaturized figurines of themselves and place their Lilliputian figure in the world of Gulliver’s Gate.

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