Shen Yun presents divinely inspired Chinese culture to Portland audiences


Shen Yun Performing Arts delighted audiences in Portland, Oregon on April 4. The Keller Auditorium was packed on opening night. Many said Shen Yun exceeded their expectations and allowed them learn more about the richness of traditional Chinese culture.

“It’s a very, very divine show,” said Jacque Simmons, a retired volunteer. “It was far more than I expected. I mean this was phenomenal.”

“Absolutely awesome. Breathtaking. It’s most artistic, athletic, enlightening,” said Joyce Ayers, a fitness and yoga instructor. “It’s absolutely stunning. Just as being a child and the wonderment of the world unfolding before you. And here is China unfolding before me.”  

“Extremely moving. Spectacular, really, everything altogether, all the dancers, the music. Everything is just phenomenal,” said author Carmel Breathnach.

“I thought it was great. Very spectacular, moving, and informative at the same time,” said Parag Shah, a microchip designer.  

“Just how much of it is steeped in culture, and culture that we don’t necessarily know about here in America, for the most part,” said Michelle Bolke, who works in health information technology.

Audiences praised the dancers’ masterful techniques.

“So well choreographed and it was beautiful. Everything was just great,” said Simmons.  

“The synchronization, also the use of the screen to tell the story was very unusual and unique,” said Breathnach.

They also hoped more people will get to see the show, including those living in mainland China, where Shen Yun is banned by the Chinese Communist Party.

“It’s a story that people should learn about,” said Shah.

“I do hope that it gets shown all over the world, and in China,” said Breathnach.

“I hope many, many people take the time and come see this great performance,” said Simmons.

Shen Yun will be performing next in Costa Mesa, California.