Shen Yun is beautiful and informative, say Orange County audiences


Shen Yun’s opening night in Costa Mesa, California drew a full house. Tickets were completely sold out for the performance on April 5.  

The world renowned classical Chinese dance show brought traditional culture and an unforgettable evening to Orange County audiences. Many show-goers praised the skills of the dancers.

“I love the dancers,” said Pat Veysey, an accountant. “I’ve been to China, and it’s just absolutely so authentic and beautiful.”

“It’s just so beautiful. Every single thing,” said Emily Stone, an English teacher. “It’s just tons of color, their great technique. Great story telling. It’s amazing.”

“They’re so light on their feet,” said real estate broker Lysa King. “They’re just like little birds that just kind of fly. They’re amazing. They’re so athletic and elegant at the same time.”

Pamela Brewer, an environmentalist, particularly enjoyed the solo performances by the soprano and the tenor, as well as the orchestra, which featured a combination of Chinese and Western instruments.

“I love the soloists, they were just absolutely so talented. I enjoyed every second of the songs that they sang,” she said. “The orchestra, they are outstanding. They’re the best of the best. It was just the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. And to hear the Western instruments with the oriental instruments was beautiful.”

Brewer also praised the erhu soloist. The erhu is a two-stringed Chinese instrument.

“There are moments when it sounds happy, there are moments when it sounds soulful, there are moments when it’s jubilee. I mean you get a mixture of every feeling in that little instrument. She did a beautiful job,” she said.

Many audience members felt the show as was as informative as it was visually stunning.

“I didn’t expect to be learning so much on top of seeing all this beauty but it’s definitely something that I would recommend people come see,” said Stone.

“Tonight is very rewarding. Very happy experience,” said Lawrence Tannas, the president of an electronics company.   

“It’s a once in a lifetime experience for me and I want to come back next year and see what the performance will be. It was awesome,” said Brewer.

“I think it’s wonderful for people to experience, so that they can learn tolerance in the world and compassion,” said language pathologist Suzanne McCardle.

Shen Yun will be performing next in Seattle, Washington.