Shen Yun is a “one of a kind experience,” says Toronto writer


A good show not only dazzles your eyes but also makes you think.

Shen Yun did both for Rebecca Spour, a writer at WaterFront Magazine in Toronto, “It’s like no other experience, really, so much culture, so multi-dimensional, so much passion and so much technique, so much discipline,” she said. “Really, there’s no words. It was phenomenal.”

The show left Spour feeling enlightened.

“It’s about moving into the next dimension and into the future in a collective way where we’re all aligned with our higher purpose and our higher calling. That’s kind of what spoke to me. It’s about really manifesting the divine within. This performance just shines forward hope. Hope for a brighter future and hope for the collective just doing good,” she said.

She thought the erhu soloist was a highlight of the show. The erhu is a two-stringed Chinese instrument.

“It’s poetic, it’s emotional, and it’s real. It takes you away from your life for a moment and brings you right into that experience,” said Spour.  

She’ll be telling others about the performance.

“It is a show you cannot miss because it’s a one of a kind experience, truly. It touches your heart. It touches your heart and your mind and your soul. It’s so culturally relevant even today. It’s history but it’s timeless and it’s iconic. I would absolutely recommend it,” she said.
Shen Yun will be performing next in Hollywood, California.