San Antonio audiences praise grace and elegance of Shen Yun


San Antonio audiences got an eye-opening look into traditional Chinese history and culture at Shen Yun. The classical Chinese dance and music company had its opening night at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts on April 14.

Couple Diana Domingo and Den Jerwell were touched by how the show presented a culture inspired by the divine and deeply rooted in spirituality.

“I think the Chinese culture brings so much beauty, and grace, and elegance, and history,” said Domingo, a clinical research project manager. “Fascinating. It’s obviously beautiful. I don’t think we get to see truly what the Chinese culture holds until we something like this.”

“The spiritual statement that comes from that, which is done in a very nice, artistic way, also gives a lot of westerners an appreciation for that thought and the origins of that spirituality,” said Den Jerwell, a clinical psychologist. “I’m glad that this growing because it takes the message in a nice way through the art and through the performance of the people and the spirit that comes from such a long way. Hope that there is a resurrection someday.”  

Another couple, Tammy and Andry Nowosiwsky, praised the show for its beauty.

“They were beautiful and graceful. They were just so elegant. It was just a real treat,” said Tammy.  

“I enjoyed hearing the introduction about the stories and then seeing the performers come out with their wonderful costumes. The costumes worked very well with the storyline as well,” said Andry, a health department manager in a oil sector. “I felt at peace watching the show. It was very nice. The music helped with the enjoyment and the beauty of the artistry of the performance, plus the costumes, works so well together.”

Both couples hope more people can see the show.

“I would definitely recommend for anyone to come and see this,” said Tammy.

“I think it’s a wonderful show. It’s well worth it,” said Andry.

“I hope it’s fostered, I hope it grows as it has been, and takes the message to the world,” said Jerwell.

Shen Yun is currently performing in Hollywood California as well.