Space-age, indigenous-inspired cultural fashions pervade Bogotá Fashion Week

Fashions inspired by Colombia’s rich indigenous culture and slick, space-age trends merged on the runway. Designers at Bogotá Fashion Week displayed fashions with a universally attuned taste.

Fariseos Cano, designer of La Brack, talked about his standout clothing line, “The brand is La Brack and for this collection we took inspiration from the Paramo de Sumapaz. It is the largest area in Bogotá, the place where life is born and water begins, it is a sacred place for the indigenous people and we wanted to pay homage, bringing some of that nature, origin and importance of life to the city, The collection is inspired by the change of colours between sunrise and sunset, the texture of the water and the Paramo.”

Designers reached both into the backlands and up into space for inspiration in their designs.

Custo Barcelona, designer of his own clothing line, talked about how much these design trends mean to him, “The collection is based on our DNA, our identity, which is color fused with our materials. We always tried to end a contemporary message, unclassifiable proposals with no relation to anything seen before. We named this collection Light Years, because the driving factor of each of the pieces is their shine.”

The three-day event brought both national and international designers to the runway.

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