Ukraine’s Retro Cruise shows vintage fashion

The best of the past cycled through the streets of Kyiv for a relaxing Saturday afternoon cruise: a Retro Cruise.

Dozens of cyclists in vintage costumes shared their enthusiasm for classic style with the residents of Ukraine’s capital on Saturday, April 29.

One rider called it “a concentration of beauty.”

“I like it, it’s aesthetics, it’s very beautiful,” said Retro Cruise participant, Kostyantyn. “There are not many beautiful things in the modern world, to my personal opinion.”

Some of the riders wore garments once worn by grandparents. Some made their own. Some did both.

“I am wearing an outfit from my aunt’s youth time,” said Retro-rider Dasha.
She wore the outfit when passing university exams. I found it on my grandmother’s shelf. “I made the hat myself. And I bought a bag at the vintage shop.”

Some participants were fashion aficionados. Some were cycling fans. Some were both.

“I love it and I participate in all events which involve bicycles,” said Lyudmyla, a Retro Cruise rider. “I participated in retro cruises and female bicycle parades. I try to keep up with the pace despite my age and some problems.”

Lyudmyla and her friends had no problems entertaining Kyiv on this day.

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