MET Gala 2017 a huge reunion for top celebrities and fashionistas

Celebrities reunited in their most outspoken fashions for the MET Gala. They gathered to fundraise for the Costume Institute’s next exhibition, a display focusing on the designs of Rei Kawakubo.

Kawakubo designs from Tokyo and runs the Comme des Garçons label in France. Some of the stars chose to wear designs representative of Kawakubo’s, others prefered more subtlety.

Model Naomi Campbell mentioned why she likes to attend the gala, “A lot of fun, a big reunion.”

Actor Michael B. Jordan talked about what how he feels getting invited to the highly exclusive event, “It feels good, I remember not getting invited to these things. So now that you’re here and you’re around your peers and stuff like that, it’s kind of cool.”

The MET Gala is the premiere celebrity fashion event on the east coast. Not since 1981 has the event been used to fund an exhibition of one particular designer.

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