Kenyan man wins $2 million in sports bets

A Kenyan man won $2 million by betting on soccer matches. He correctly predicted the outcome of 17 matches. He spent less than $2 on the bets.

Samuel Abisai, Sportpesa jackpot winner, spoke about his betting history before the current windfall, “I lost quite a bit of money betting but I have never gambled my income. What I have been betting with is the extra monies that I am left with, whether it is a hundred shillings or five hundred shillings extra. The highest amount I won before this was 30,000 shillings (US$291)  in December last year and the highest I have lost is about a thousand shillings.”

The 28-year-old Samuel Abisai works outside of capital Nairobi. He wants to go on vacation before deciding what he will spend his new fortune on.

The betting industry is growing rapidly in Africa, and Kenyans bet more than anyone else on the continent.

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