Spring Blossom Cake

Agar-agar or Kanten is a great vegan substitute of gelatin. If you can’t find agar, you can substitute with gelatin powder following 8:1 powdered gelatin to powdered agar conversion.

Spring Blossom Cake Ingredients:

Clear Agar Layer:

Water 600 ml

Agar 2 tsp

Sugar 4 tbsp

Edible flowers

Strawberry 3, rinsed, topped and cut into small pieces

Mint leaves

Coconut Milk Layer:

Water 1/3 cup

Agar 1 tsp

Sugar 3 tbsp

Coconut milk 1 cup (240ml)

Spring Blossom Cake Instructions:

  1. Dissolve Agar-Agar powder and sugar in water and bring to a boil.
  2. Arrange flowers, fruit pieces, and mint leaves in the cake mold. Fill the mold 3/4 full and refrigerate for 15 mins.
  3. Meanwhile dissolve Agar-Agar powder and sugar in water first, and then add in coconut milk, and bring to a boil.
  4. Pour on top of the clear layer. Refrigerate until firm.


Edible Flowers:

Edible flowers are part of many regional cuisines, including Asian, European, and Middle Eastern cuisines.

Flowers are added to foods to provide taste, aroma, and color. They can be part of a main dish, a salad, or a dessert. They can be added as a garnish. Flowers can be incorporated into beverages as flavorings, or used to make teas or wines.

However not all flowers are edible. Flowers cultivated as ornamental plants for garden use are not intended for use as food as they commonly carry traces of pesticides and harbor organisms such as insects.

Many flowers that are technically edible can be far from palatable. Some flowers can be eaten whole, but some have bitter parts, such as the stamens and stems. It is recommended to wash all flowers before consumption.

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