Former Chamber of Commerce President: “This Is a Movement”


Admiring the performance of Shen Yun International Company on the evening of April 26, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Craig Dearing, who has been the president at West Jordan Chamber of Commerce for 30 years, said that the show was fantastic, and worth coming to see. He called it a movement.

Craig felt sorry that his grandchildren didn’t come.

“But I’m going to be able to tell them now what it’s all about, and why they need to be there,” he said, “So I think it’s a fantastic program, they put together a tool to bring people to see what’s happening in China. ”

“They need to know what’s going on in the world, and what’s happening in the world, and come to find out what that is, so they’ll understand and be able to tell their friends, and neighbors about that. This is a movement, I would say. ”

“I thought it was fantastic. Wonderful,” said Craig, “I sat there out of utter amazement. I want to learn how to walk without walking, like those girls do. Like gliding I guess that’s what they do. I want to learn to play those drums. Fantastic.”

He highly recommended Shen Yun.

“If you didn’t want to worry about all the rest of the stuff, just the beauty of it, and the wonderment of it, is worth coming. Fantastic!”

David Zhang and Anton Jiang from NTD Salt Lake City contributed to this article.