Latest technology disrupts fashion industry, empowers designers

The latest variation of 3-D printing technologies is here. Kniterate’s digital knitting machines use the same additive manufacturing method as 3-D printers.

The London-based startup aims to empower designers who are working on a budget. Users can design garments on a computer, insert the memory card into the machine, press go, and Kniterate will have it done within a matter of hours.

Kniterate launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter and raised $636,130 from 488 backers. People pledged $4,499 for the early bird batch of the machine.

“A lot of things can be knitted, more than we think, so you could start doing accessories, like bags and stuff,” said co-founder and Director Gerard Rubio of Kniterate. “I think it’s very interesting because it can open a new range of knitted products that so far has been done with other technologies or materials.”

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