Retired US Army Colonel: ‘Buy a Whole Row of Seats for My Family to Come’


The performance of Shen Yun International Company on the evening of April 26, in Salt Lake City, Utah, attracted Don Leinweber, a retired U.S. Army colonel. He said he would buy a whole row of seats for his family “to come and just experience this.”

“This is absolutely beyond description—the finest presentation. I was absolutely overwhelmed. It’s the most virtuous, the most beautiful experience that anybody can ever have in a performance like this. I mean I have never seen anytihng like this. I’ve seen a lot in the world but this is really absolutely great.”

He appreciated all the elements of the show.

“The choreagraphy and the music is so timed, so beautiful,” he said, “and the screen in the background I think that’s a new thing, which really should dominate the theater. It is so clear and so unique. It’s not entertainment of today. Entertainment of today confuses the senses, and destroys really the happiness you can feel in something like this.”

He added, “It really displays exactly what’s going on, and the bruitality and the ugliness of force. And force in communism and socialism is the power which destroys the human growth and the beauty that can come from a relationship with God and with men. They displayed it in such a way, is to define it in a brutal way but yet with such class. This really expresses, not only through words but through body movement and through coordination as a total group to really bring out the inside, and the greatness of freedom and freedom of choice.”

He loved the show so much that he planned to bring all 20 family members to the show next year.

“It was extraordinary. Everything with precision and precise in what they did. I didn’t see any mistakes at all. It was really a fine performance. I recommend it to everybody. I plan on coming back and buy a whole row of seats just for my family to come and just experience this.”

David Zhang and Anton Jiang from NTD Salt Lake City contributed to this article.