8 shockingly beautiful drone photos of roundabouts in Vilnius Lithuania taken from above

Roundabouts or traffic circles are often aesthetically spectacular feats of civil engineering—especially when viewed from above. Like an ornament or centerpiece in the city, roads converge seamlessly, flowing into perfect  circles, often framed with scenic landscaping blending harmoniously amidst the urban environment.

Photographer, Martynas Charevičius based in Vilnius, Lithuania decided to take a set of photo’s of roundabouts in her home town. Regarding these circular adornments, she told Boredpanda, “To me, they are somewhat special places: they connect drivers and at the same time they lead them to the different directions.” But, they are also dangerous in terms of accidents. Besides these circular civil structures, Charevičius also takes photos of cars, car events and shows.

Here are some images of the Savanorių avenue roundabout, Antakalnis roundabout and LEU roundabout in Vilnius. She says she loves the early morning light—the golden hour, as one can see in these fascinating photos. She also had to plan the set of images very carefully to avoid traffic and consider drone battery life. Moreover, she needed to capture a peaceful atmosphere in the fastly-changing light. “I planned to take an image set of all Vilnius roundabouts to show their beauty and their forks. I took all pictures using my drone. The final panoramas are stitched combining 2-5 pictures.”

#1 Antakalnis roundabout, a stone’s throw from the river Neris


#2 Santariškės roundabout in a golden sunrise


#3 Lithuanian University Of Educational Sciences (LEU) roundabout in the very early hours


#4 Savanorių avenue roundabout amidst a thriving urban environment


#5 Žirmūnai roundabout on a crystal-clear morning


#6 Saulėtekis roundabout in a crisp evergreen landscape


#7 An irregular, unnamed roundabout just before daybreak


#8 Naujoji Vilnia roundabout amidst a frosty morning


Credits: Instagram | Martynas Charevičius

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