Musician: Shen Yun Provides People with Spiritual Value


Shen Yun International Company has completed its three-day run in Long Beach, California.  The performance on April 22 attracted many artists.

Carlos Gardels is a pianist and also a professor at Citrus College in Glendora, California.

“That was fantastic. Everything was fantastic and the combination of everything together was very special. Because you know if you play one instrument or if you’re a dancer or painter, it’s only one art form you have to worry about but when you see everything together, you get overwhelmed about what they had to go through as performers. For me, that’s what I felt,” said Carlos Gardels after the show.

He enjoyed Shen Yun’s singers and music. “I could feel the singers were very clear in their diction. Their enunciation of the words so I could almost guess what the text was because it was so clear. It had a certain intonation so I feel like I kind of—if I had to guess what it was about, I feel like I could get pretty close. They did wonderfully communicating the meaning of the text or the idea—spiritual idea behind the piece.”

The cooperation between singers and pianists also impressed Gardels.

He said, “I thought they were all listening to each other. Which is really important. They could listen to each other and the pianist wasn’t just focused on herself and the singer wasn’t just focused on herself. They were listening to each other, which is very harmonious. Which is important and people don’t always do that so it was done very well.”

Gardels praised Shen Yun performers’ effort to provide spiritual values in their performances.

“Today it’s just so hard to find anything that has any real meaning you know. You watch the news and social media all day and there’s so much advertising in everything so it’s really rare that something that works so hard to provide people with any spiritual value, it exists today,” he said.