Two Mayors: Shen Yun Show ‘Broaden My Horizon’


The performance of Shen Yun International Company on the evening of April 28, in Los Angeles, California, was very well received. Two mayors from the great LA region said the performance had broaden their horizons and given them a deeper understanding of Chinese culture.

The Mayor of Ontario,Paul Leon, presented the Certificate of Merit to Shen Yun Performance of Arts.

“The screen coming in, and then people jumping off the screen. I almost jumped back. It’s just so wonderful watching all of this and taking it all in. I just think that cultural shows like this broaden my horizon. I’m wiser about the world watching this, and I just cannot say enough about everything that I’m seeing.” He said excitedly.

He took Shen Yun as the best show in the world.

“The dancers, first off, I don’t know where you find that many perfect-looking, gorgeous people. They’re just perfect. And you know dancers aren’t just choreographed to do their jobs. These are athletes. These dancers are athletes. The flips that they’re doing, the movements that they’re doing, all of these things in perfect unison, I mean you couldn’t ask for a better performance anywhere in the world.”

The mayor of Burbank, Jess Talamantes, also enjoyed the show very much.

“Oh the performance so far has been great. They’re really enjoyable. The colors are so vibrant and they really stand out. Just a great performance.”

They felt closer and more respectful to Chinese culture.

“But a huge amount of respect that is inculcated in the culture of the people. I see it all and the music is just spectacular. Well done. Well done.”

“I just felt a closeness. A closeness to the people from China.”

And they highly recommend this show.

“It’s been wonderful. It’s been a wow moment, I mean when you see the colors, when you see the dancers and the expressions on their faces, I just felt everybody should come and see it,” Mr.Talamantes said.

And Mr. Leon said, “All I can tell you is that if I had to choose a show that I would bring everybody I know to, this is it.”

Alice Su and Huiping Wang, NTDTV news, LA contributed to this article.