Barista in NYC makes coffee art on cold drinks

One Korean barista in New York City takes latte art to another level.

Cafe owner UJ Lee is not only skilled at traditional latte art. He can also make colorful designs on cold coffee.

“With cold drinks we can’t use steamed milk because steamed milk is hot. You can’t apply it to the cold drinks,” said UJ. “Basically people know about latte art, it’s only hot drinks. So I thought, what can I do with the cold drinks in summer season?”

Instead of working with steamed milk, UJ uses cream that is layered on top of cold coffee. Then he draws on designs.

“I spent two years on ‘creamart,’ finally I found which products will be best for it,” said UJ.

UJ got inspiration from Kang-Bin Lee, a barista in Korea. Kang-Bin is famous for his intricate coffee designs, which he calls “creamart.”

“He’s actually the creator of the ‘creamart,’ which is our signature drink right now. I tried to copy him, I tried to make it myself, but it didn’t come out well. But at that time, fortunately, he tried to contact me through the Instagram. He wanted to share his creation over the world, but he’s stuck in Korea, so he wanted me to let people know what ‘creamart’ is. That’s what I wanted to do. So I told him, ok, I’m down. I’ll do it,” said UJ.

It might look too cute to take a sip, but you better drink it fast. The design melts within an hour.

You can find UJ and his coffee art at Sweet Moment cafe in New York City’s Chinatown.

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