Author: Inspired by the Elegance and the Power of Shen Yun Performance


Shen Yun International Company completed April 26’s second performance in Salt Lake City, Utah. Terri Smith, an author, saw not only the elegance of the artistic culture, but also the power behind it.

“I feel invigorated, and a little bit more alive. It was powerful just sitting there watching it,” Terri felt as though she had just come back from a journey of artistic culture.

“It help me to see the elegance of their artistic culture, as well as the power behind it, and the difference between men and women, and how they can come together, and create something of a great beauty and elegance and power that will resonate with people of all cultures.”

The power behind it brought her hope.

“The power behind it, especially the current events that are portrayed, the importance of life, the taking of life and yet the sacredness of life, and the hope of a brighter day to come, and the divinity within us, and just there is a God and he is watching over us. And there is one day going to be a great event coming, and to look forward to that.”