US Army West Point Recruiter: ‘I Admired Shen Yun Dancers’


Shen Yun International Company finished a performance on the evening of April 26, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Al Hopkins, U.S. Army West Point Recruiter, felt grateful to Shen Yun for bringing such beautiful Chinese culture to the whole world.

It seemed that Al couldn’t wait to express his admiration.

“I admired the dancers wild gymnastics, really really impressive.”

“I respect the Chinese culture,” he added, “I really admired the fact that just these much effort to preserve it and to make it known to citizens around the world. I was pretty much prepared to what happened, but not to this extend.  As I said, the colors were very vivid, the music was good, and the actions of the dancers were just, you just couldn’t see it all.”

“They have to be very dedicated and they are very disciplined to do that, or they wouldn’t do that well. I’m a retired military, and I notice that kinds of things. It was very impressive to watch them. We sat close that we could see their faces, they are all smiling, not just grunting and groaning , so they appear they are enjoying their performance,” Mr. Hopkins said.

Sylvia, Al’s wife, was excited to watch the show.

“I kind of have a little idea in my mind what it would be like, But then you get here, and it is amazing. The costumes, the moves, we were in the front row, we could count the sequence on the outfits. It was gorgeous, she said.”

And she said, “it’s very uplifting, it’s very exciting, I would normally be in bed by now, but I am wired, just with the excitement of all that and the beauty and the talent.”

David Zhang and Anton Jiang, NTD, Salt Lake City, Utah