Documentary Producer: Shen Yun is Absolutely a Must See


The performance of Shen Yun International Company on April 29, in Los Angeles, California, was very well received. Don Camp, the producer of documentaries for United Emirates, said that everything about the show was beyond words.

“It was outstanding. It was an unbelievable spectacular … what can you say? I mean the dance 5,000 years of Chinese culture, I mean I it was a combination of ballet, acrobatics, perfection. On a scale of 10, it’s a 12. It’s just perfection. It was just … it’s a must see. Absolutely a must see.”

“Well besides being beautiful, and the beautiful costumes, their performances were mesmerizing. They were just—there’s words you can’t describe it. Words are futile.”

And he couldn’t help to show his admiration to the musicians.

“That was a great blend. It was impressive to do that. And they pulled it off, and great musicians, I didn’t realize from every level, so that the as far as the music part was outstanding,” he said.

“Beautiful beautiful. What can you say. I mean they were just—it was Pavarotti and the famous—it was opera, it was opera but the Chinese opera,” said Mr. Camp.

He also appreciated the beautiful lyrics, which were very simple but telling a story, and very interesting to unfold.

“What I was really impressed with was the visuals on the screen where the screen, where they would fly on the screen and then the way they did that with 3-D, came on, just unbelievable,” he said.

He added, “Well theres a lot of spirituality in there definitely and there was also comedy. There was pathos, there was antagonist, its was everything. it was drama, went through all the emotions.”

He highly recommended the Shen Yun show, and call it a must see.

” You look at the audience. I mean theres a show called Hamilton in new York, this is 10 times the audience of Hamilton. It shows you the people, the word of mouth is gone out. This Is a must see. This is something for the ages,” Mr. camp continued.

And he wanted to be an ambassador to tell people to come to Shen Yun.

“Experience was mesmerizing, I’m going back with … I’m going to be an ambassador. Im going to tell everyone you have to come and see Shen Yun. Absolutely and im going home with a big smile. I want to come back again to see 2018,” he said.

“They have to come and sit down and it will unfold, something that they’ve never seen—something that ive never seen before on that level. That’s a level that i’ve never seen before in dance, in performance, in art and music. It’s spectacular.,” he said.

Finally, he summarized the experience as being enlightened.

“You go feeling so good and you been enlightened. I’m going home enlightened.”

Alice Su and Huiping Wang from NTD Los Angeles contributed to this article.