Journalist: ‘I Am Really Blown Away by the Show’


When he watched the performance of Shen Yun International Company in the evening of April 26, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Joe Davis, a host in local TV and radio station, expressed his admiration of the show.

“The performance was excellent, I am really blown away by the show, ” Joe said excitedly. “It was much more modern than I was expecting, yet it is still looking at the past, which I thought it was fascinating.”

He felt that he was closer to Chinese culture and history, and it presented them in a fair way.

“While China itself may be closed from the rest of us in some way, that we are not aware of its history, in some cases they don’t want us to know all of its history, this show presents it, I thought in a pretty fair way, based on my limited knowledge of it,” he said.

Joe said he would come back to Shen Yun show next year.

“And I think that will bring me back I am looking forward to seeing it next year, especially since it is different every time.”

David Zhang and Anton Jiang from NTD Salt Lake City contributed to this article.